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Hi Everyone,
I'm Marcie

I am a Holistic lifestyle & Intergrative wellness/ nutritional coach, a writer, an aromatherapist, and a reiki master.I have a B.S. in Alternative Medicine, a Masters Degree in Public Health, and certified in Train the Trainer from Jack Canfield.

I am here to assist you on your personal journey. Together, we will carve out a path towards healthy, balanced living. Living a holistic life will empower you to achieve a higher level of health, love, success, abundance, peace, and well-being.

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Customized Wellness Programs
My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.

Choose from a variety of programs centered around the four pillars of health.

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Explore my Holistic Lifestyle Now collections!

High quality clothing and decor that serves as a constant reminder of the fulfilled life that you deserve to live.

  • I am Loved

    Remind your loved ones that you love them through these amazing daily items and home decor.

  • I am Gorgeous

    Holistic Lifestyle Now's "I AM GORGEOUS" collection is born out of the need to effectively express appreciation.

  • Your life does not suck

    HLN's "MY LIFE DOES NOT SUCK" collection was taken from one of the modules I created.

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