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The HLN Collections

Carefully curated product lines that promote holistic wellness
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Explore my Holistic Lifestyle Now collections!

As an experienced life coach in Clearwater, FL, I understand the value of positive affirmations, which is why I have launched several exciting collections.

  • I am Loved

    Remind your loved ones that you love them through these amazing daily items and home decor. They will be reminded of how much you appreciate them, and have something to remember you by!

  • I am Gorgeous

    Holistic Lifestyle Now's "I AM GORGEOUS" collection is born out of the need to effectively express appreciation, love, and care.

  • Your life does not suck

    HLN's "MY LIFE DOES NOT SUCK" collection was taken from one of the modules I created for my course titled, "Building Your Million Dollar Empire from the Inside Out".

  • Tote bag with positive affirmation

    Coming soon

  • I'm Falling, Falling, and I Can Get Up
    This is a series of booklets on how to overcome adversity and become the best version of yourself. Falling is NOT failing, and in this book, I will give you some key concepts to get back up after life throws you lemons. The keys to living your extraordinar...
  • Am I Crazy Or Is It In My Gut
    In this book, you will get an understanding of the science of how our gut/brain communication relates to our entire physiology. You will also learn the key points to keeping the gut and brain healthy. How the foods you eat can affect your moods and the bes...
  • Essential Oils

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